For over a quarter of a century, Leki Aviation has been providing first-rate, personalized service to its worldwide customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the best solutions for our customers. Our direct, honest and straightforward business approach has rewarded us with a trusted network of loyal clients and suppliers.

Leki Aviation’s CoMMS program enables customers to consolidate their purchases and greatly reduce the freight, administration and logistical costs. We help you make line maintenance easy, efficient and, above all, cost-effective.

The aviation industry is all about innovation, and new cost-saving solutions for operators are always coming online. Leki Aviation finds the right solutions for your fleet and helps you reduce cost of acquisition and operation, as well as prolong your service intervals.

With an extensive inventory of rotables, Leki Aviation offers its customers access to our pool of rotables on loan, lease or exchange basis. We strive to help our customers reduce the direct cost and try to eliminate expensive and troublesome lead time.

With one of the world’s largest inventories of interior material, Leki Aviation offers its customers the ability to obtain new parts, recertified monuments and a wide variety of seats at a fraction of the cost, with vastly reduced lead times.

Our Asset Management Program enable our customers to turn their surplus inventory into liquidity through direct sales or through consignment. With over 25 years of industry experience, Leki Aviation uses its global presence, experience and insight to secure the best possible deals for its customers.

Leki Aviation’s sister company 25+ Repair Centre, offers repair and overhaul on products that are C3, C5, C6 and C15 rated, taking in ATA chapters 23, 24, 25, 33, 34, 35, 38 and 45. For more information, please visit our dedicated repair website at www.25repaircentre.com


Count on Leki Aviation when it comes to personalized service, customer care and "client-centric" thinking.
Our ability for forge meaningful, long-term relations with all of our customers - large and small - is something we are justifyably proud of.


When it comes to support and customer service, we take the long view. We make a dedicated effort to understand what our customers want and need now, but also in the future. Leki Aviation excels at adding value at every step of the lifecycle of your fleet, from the initial planning stage to the end-of-service of a specific series. We always go the extra mile to make things easier for our customers by being practical, pro-active, efficient and above all, cost- effective.

Forward Fit
Forward fitting is a complex task that involves much more than outfitting your newly delivered fleet acquisitions with the furnishing and equipment you want. Smooth integration with existing on-board systems and expected cost of maintenance down the line are of major importance. Partnering with Leki Aviation from the start of your aircraft’s lifecycle means you have some of the most experienced experts in the industry on your side from the very beginning.
Initial Purchasing
Building up your initial inventory is an investment in future smooth operations with minimal AOG, yet it is also a very costly process that can quickly turn into a complex jumble of administrative and logistical problems, with lots of opportunities for “money idling on the shelves” of your warehouse. Leki Aviation offers you clear, cost-saving solutions that will keep your fleet flying and your maintenance figures in the green.
Line Maintenance
Successful periodic maintenance, as well as the correction of operational malfunctions as soon as they occur, rely heavily on having fast access to vital parts and products. This is where the Leki advantage comes in. We focus on quality of service, offering our customers 24/7 AOG support, shorter lead times, customized orders, consolidated shipping, less paperwork and less clutter, so your planes can quickly return to where they belong: in the sky.
With new, cost-saving retrofit solutions and luxury-enhancing upgrades and becoming available every day, it is not always easy to determine which ones offer a genuine advantage to the fleet’s operators in terms of time and money. Leki Aviation helps you build your upgrades and expansions strategies that match your maintained schedules, budget and future business expansion plans.
End of Service
End of Service means much more than retiring the individual aircraft. As aircraft retire, so do their wide-ranging collections of tools, stocked parts and other expensive items. Leki Aviation has an extensive network of sales agents in offices around the world who can help you with selling and/or repurposing your valuable assets through our consignment services.


We pride ourselves on our ability to forge personal, long-term relationships with our customers. Meeting you face-to-face is important to us, and we make a dedicated effort to be present at the major industry trade shows. Check the calendar below to see where Leki Aviation is going next.

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Book a meeting with one of our sales representatives at the event and find out how Leki Aviation can take your business to a higher level.

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Leki Aviation offers two dedicated web portals to provide more service to our customers


We have built our lasting success around the dedication to our customers. We strive to build a personal relationships with every single one of our clients, providing tailor-made solutions that are not only cost-effective, but that also take our client’s business goals into consideration. We believe that good business is based on mutual trust and respect, and strive to deliver top quality in every aspect of our business – always.

Leki Aviation maintains a flat and flexible organizational structure. We encourage all our employees to participate in cross-functional tasks, and strongly believe in direct and informal communication.

Kim Kroejby
Chief Executive Officer
Kim (b. 1958) is the founder of Leki Aviation. He received his business education from Copenhagen Business School and started in the Aviation business over 30 years ago.
Peter Kjeldsen
Executive Vice President
Peter (b. 1976) graduated from Copenhagen Business School and joined Leki Aviation in 2000. Peter has the worldwide responsibility and strategic decision for the back office operation and the OEM distribution portfolio.
Andrew Newell
Vice President
Andrew (b. 1968) has been with Leki Aviation since 1993. He has over 25 years of experience in the sale of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft parts for aviation companies in London, Florida and Copenhagen.

Leki Aviation’s structure is based on a lean set-up, with direct lines of communications. It is a flat organization, built for the 21st century flat world: accessible, flexible and direct, with a strong global outlook. The company consists of eight business units in Denmark, United Kingdom, Singapore, China, UAE Dubai, Russia and in the USA. The +25 Repair Centre is part of Leki Aviation UK.

As a company founded in Denmark, Leki Aviation has always had a great awareness of environmental and social issues. The company fully understands the importance of responsible business practices, corporate stewardship and environmental responsibilities and has always complied with the most stringent local environmental requirements. Our team is always looking out for new ways to deliver green and socially responsible solutions to our customers.

Proper certification and quality assurance are essential in aviation. Leki Aviation understands that potential customers would like to verify the credentials before they commit to any kind of transaction, and this is is why we have gathered all our relevant documentation in one easy to browse document.

Leki Aviation Quality Assurance (Denmark)
This document contains Leki Aviation's Quality Self-Assessment form for our Danish headquarters, as well as copies of all relevant documentation and certification in one easy PDF download.
Leki Aviation Quality Assurance (Singapore)
This document contains Leki Aviation's Quality Self-Assessment form for our Singapore branch, as well as copies of all relevant documentation and certification in one easy PDF download.
Leki Aviation Quality Assurance (USA)
Aviation Suppliers Association Membership certificate for LEKI Aviation Inc. USA

Our company at a glance

  • Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1990
  • 8 worldwide locations
  • AAA Rated company
  • Certified to EN/AS9120 standard
  • CONTACT US 24/7

    Leki Aviation is always open for business.
    If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices below, or send us an email.
    Scroll down for the mail form, or send your email directly to info@lekiaviation.com.

    In case of AOG outside business hours - Have the tail number ready
    and call our Global AOG hotline on +45 4051 9550


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    Amager Landevej 278
    2770 Kastrup, Denmark
    phone: (+45) 3251 9550
    fax: (+45) 3251 9551
    Mon to Fri 8:00-17:00


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    14251 NW 4th Street
    Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale
    33325 FL Florida, USA
    phone: (+1) 954 749 1503
    Mon to Fri 8:00-17:00


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    Unit 2C, Eastmead Industrial Estate
    PO 18 0DB Lavant, Chichester
    West Sussex, United Kingdom
    phone: (+44)1243 756100
    fax: (+44) 1243 756101
    Mon to Thur 8:00-17:00
    Fri 8:00-16:00


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    Unit #03-13, 3rd floor
    11 Tampines Street 92
    528872 Singapore
    phone: (+65) 6787 6251
    fax: (+65) 6787 6851
    Mon to Fri 9:00-18:00


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    Room 213, Jin Yuan Building
    No.57 Hu Bin Road,Si Ming District
    Xiamen 361004 P.R. CHINA
    phone: (+86)592 5171925
    Mon to Fri 8:30-17:30


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    Gold Crest Executive
    Cluster C, Office 302
    Jumeirah Lakes Towers
    Dubai, U.A.E
    phone: (+971) 4447 1290
    fax: (+971) 4447 1385
    Sun to Thur 8:00-17:00


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    Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya 10
    Block C, 4th floor
    123317 Moscow, Russia
    Tel: (+7) 495 775 6918
    Mon to Fri 09:00-16:00


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    Unit 3, Eastmead Industrial Estate
    PO 18 0DB Lavant, Chichester
    West Sussex, United Kingdom
    phone: (+44)1243 755541
    fax: (+44) 1243 755545
    Mon to Fri 08:00-17:30